Coke “Happy Day”

March 13, 2008


Happy Day

Coke is a brand that has always been associated with happiness and fun, for both children and adults alike. In order to really portray the fun, a cel shaded animation style has been used.

The first shot introduces us to the main character, a young man named George who is walking down a city sidewalk with an unopened bottle of Coca Cola. George opens the bottle of coke, and to his surprise, confetti and bright red carbonated bubbles shoot out of the mouth of the bottle. The bubbles and confetti start to flow around, and bring festivity to the ordinary city. As the bubbles float around, they are eaten by the buildings and other inanimate objects that come to life. Immediately, the buildings break out in song, as well as the parking meters. George then proceeds to take another sip, which further escalates the party atmosphere. As he continues down the street while singing along, his march becomes a parade, as birds, dogs, parking meters, and buildings dance and sing. The camera then switches to a downshot of the buildings and streets. The redbubbles take over the screen and then float off screen, revealing the logo and tag line, “the Coke side of life.”

-For Storyboarding for Motion


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