Consummatum Est

April 24, 2008

“Consummatum Est” translates into “It is finished”, and is from John 19:30.  This piece is from a series of journalistic pieces based on the subject of church.

I got the idea for this one when I went to take research pictures at churches around my neighborhood on a late Saturday afternoon. I came across a couple homeless people who were camping out there. One of them was reading a paper, and one of them was taking a nap in the shade. I realized that whether they were Christians or not, the church was their temporary sanctuary. 

This one came from my many experiences at church. The blue person isn’t me, but rather someone who is truly seeking something higher. I’ve gone to church since I was born, and I can honestly say that a lot of times, I simply went for the sake of going. Sometimes I feel that whether you believe in God or not, there is deep value in the fact that people seek faith in order to attain some sort of truth. 

This one is kind of a funny one. During my research process, I visited a few different churches, some more “contemporary” than others. One time I had a feeling that the guitarist forgot that he was there to facilitate the worship and not to give a performance! He even did those rock star jumps with 180s. 

The idea for this one came from my visit to this church called Mosaic in Hollywood, at the Mayan. It was a huge departure from the normal churches that I was used, in that there were massive sculptures inspired by Mayan architecture. Overall, I think this was a pretty fun project to explore, and the possibilities are endless within this topic. 


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